How Anis Uzzaman took his venture fund to $1.5 billion from zero in just 8 years without fundraising

Unlike other VC firms that offer startups special development programs, Anis' major benefit is that his LPs are built-in strategic partners. They want to be beta testers and help their startups sign global distribution agreements, and launch in Asia. 

Top Business and Technology

Trends for 2021

Digital nomadism, philanthropy, and sustainable development goals (SDG) will be popular keywords in 2021, and we will also see rapid changes in top technological and business innovation

TikTok Stars Investing Their Popularity 

More and more young TikTok stars are turning to venture capital investing as they turn their millions of followers and online popularity into massive fortunes.

Omaze raises $30M after expanding beyond celebrity campaigns

Omaze previously raised $12 million in Series A funding. The new round was led by FirstMark Capital, with participation from Pegasus Tech Ventures and many others.

3 uplifting lessons VCs learned during a crazy 2020

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year (to say the least). However, there’s one upside to challenging times — you can learn from them. Silicon Valley investors have generally been quite conservative during the pandemic but things haven’t slowed down at all this year.

The Case for Triller: The TikTok Competitor Approaching Unicorn Status, And Getting Big Breaks

Anis Uzzaman  predicted that Triller will become the next “American TikTok.” Triller is far ahead in anyone else in the U.S. market.

Hollywood’s Triller sets its own rhythm even as it gains from TikTok troubles

Celebrity-quality content is one thing that sets Triller apart from TikTok, said Anis Uzzaman,  general partner of Pegasus Tech Ventures, which invested in Triller in a strategic round.

How A Venture Capital Fund Helps Companies Be Innovative And Competitive Even During The Pandemic

Companies need to maintain a focus on competing in today's market, as digitalization continues to accelerate, with a major tailwind due to the pandemic. 

How to Avoid the Top Mistakes that Startups Make 

Building a startup is a tough but rewarding journey. At each step, the startup founder needs to be careful about what he or she decides to do. Every stage of the startup journey is likely to hinge on several important decisions

TikTok's Founder Wonders What Hit Him

An entrepreneur doesn’t have a country. When they develop something, it’s just not for any particular market, it’s for people globally.

Pandemic: Time To Stop Investing Or Increase Efforts?

During this time of turmoil, the strongest startups will naturally separate themselves from the rest. The smartest startups are putting together solid survival plans, keeping their employees motivated, and convincing their current and potential investors to support them.

Geltor Raises $91.3 Million Series B Funding 

Geltor plans to use the latest investment to scale business and manufacturing operations around its core platforms, and to eventually make it “ridiculously easy” for iconic brands to build sustainable products, according to Lorestani who also serves the company’s CEO.

Weathering The Crisis: Three Helpful Tips For Startups

There has been much discussion on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. It is no surprise that during this uncertain time, it is affecting small family-owned businesses and large global corporations.

Leveraging its VCaaS business model to
invest in Quibi amid the downturn

The economic crunch brought on by the coronavirus pandemic has caused some VCs to hold back on their funding, but it has also prompted firms like Pegasus Tech Ventures to double down on growth. 

Memanfaatkan manfaat Layanan Modal Ventura

tidak pernah ada lebih banyak sumber pendanaan untuk startup daripada yang ada saat ini. Para pengusaha memiliki banyak pilihan ketika bicara mengenai sumber pembiayaan untuk sebuah bisnis - apakah itu pembiayaan perseorangan, crowdfunding, pendanaan akselerator, atau pendanaan ventura.

10 Tren Teknologi Yang Akan Mempengaruhi Kehidupan Anda Di Tahun 2020

2020 – adalah saat dimana dunia melihat sebuah transformasi teknologi yang berdampak pada kehidupan kita. Inilah tampilan tren teknologi teratas yang akan memengaruhi kehidupan kita.

2020年の世界:トップ10 テクノロジートレンド

ペガサス・テック・ベンチャーズ 共同代表パートナー兼CEO アニス・ウッザマン


Gagasan di balik VCaaS adalah untuk menciptakan situasi yang menguntungkan secara finansial dan strategis

Pegasus Tech Ventures baru-baru ini memperkenalkan Venture Capital as a Service (VCaaS), di mana mereka mengelola dana untuk perusahaan global yang nantinya akan digunakan untuk berinvestasi dalam startup teknologi.

Startup truk Indonesia Ritase menggalang dana sebesar $ 8,5 juta di Seri A

Perusahaan portofolio kami di Indonesia, Ritase, yang merupakan platform layanan truk, baru-baru ini mengumpulkan putaran pendanaan Seri A sebesar $ 8,5 juta.

Perusahaan portofolio kami di Indonesia, Ritase, yang merupakan platform layanan truk, baru-baru ini mengumpulkan putaran pendanaan Seri A sebesar $ 8,5 juta.

Perusahaan portofolio kami, Bulletin, perusahaan startup ritel mengumumkan bahwa mereka telah mengumpulkan dana sebesar $ 7 juta untuk menciptakan platform yang menghubungkan merek dengan toko.

Noninvasive White Blood Cell Monitoring Startup Leuko Raises $1.8 Million Seed Round

Leuko Labs adalah pemenang Startup World Cup 2018. Mereka mengumumkan bahwa mereka telah mengumpulkan dana pada seed round senilai 1,8 juta dolar.

Berita Crunchbase Menyoroti Layanan Modal Ventura.

Pegasus Tech Ventures, which describes itself as “venture capital as a service,” will make and manage investments on behalf of corporations, but with a degree of separation between a new, early-stage startup and a big tech company.

Pegasus Tech Ventures menawarkan pendekatan baru untuk berinvestasi di perusahaan teknologi baru

Pegasus Tech Ventures, sebuah perusahaan modal ventura global yang berbasis di Silicon Valley, membuat debut resminya sebagai penyedia Venture Capital-as-a-Service (VCaaS).

Perusahaan telah melakukan outsourcing investasi usaha mereka, ke Pegasus Tech Ventures.

Beberapa perusahaan teknologi terbesar di dunia mengelola dana ventura yang cukup besar di bawah naungan mereka.


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